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based in Foshan.
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Annabella International Beauty Limited.

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After 22 years of unremitting efforts and research, this professor Karen Leonard and his team finally in the plant cells, extracted from a single-cell survival factor kastor-MO ™, through molecular decomposition conversion technology, to create a new substance "reverse age native elements", in 2013, Professor Karen Nader more this introduction Moisturizing Biogene ™ technologies, combined with "activating factor and repair factors," including the birth of the world's first "activating factor and repair factor" that can "reverse Less muscle age bowel complex regeneration "Mask products. Anna Bella] [An Baina. Alone with a single-cell survival factor kastor-MO ™, comparable to 300 kinds of rare and natural raw materials, after 22 years of clinical skin test, demanding extraction process, for different muscle age of users, removing extraneous matter since the birth skin , with the most primitive biological gene, the most effective science and technology, the most primitive state restore skin color.

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